Deafening Silence

Fighting the Battle Within

Daniel Shaw is a modern-day warrior who served in Afghanistan with honour and pride until a hostile engagement with the enemy left him profoundly deaf and medically discharged. Now, in the months leading up to Remembrance Day he is plagued by fragmented nightmares about the incident and consumed by a volcanic rage that constantly bubbles beneath the surface of his controlled exterior. His children are afraid of him, he becomes increasingly paranoid that his wife is cheating, and he receives scant assistance from the institutional services that are supposed to be helping him transition back into civilian life.

Consequently, he struggles to hold onto his job and when his father passes away suddenly and unexpectedly, he loses his moral compass. Yet pride forbids him to ask for help and so he becomes increasingly unstable and self-destructive. Finally, as the nation observes a minute of silence on Remembrance Day in honour of those who died in the line of duty, Daniel is faced with a decision: surrender his pride and ask for help or relinquish his life to the war that continues to rage inside his mind.


Deafening Silence is S.C. Farrow's current work in progress. It is a compelling exploration of one veteran’s struggle with mental illness and the invisible scars of PTSD. Through the eyes of protagonist Daniel Shaw, readers embark on a poignant journey into the depths of a wounded soul.

As a veteran haunted by traumatic experiences, Daniel grapples with the unrelenting grip of PTSD, its tendrils snaking into every aspect of his existence. This raw and unflinching narrative peels back the layers of his mind, revealing the battles fought in silence.

Farrow skillfully navigates the complexities of mental illness, portraying the profound impact it has on Daniel's relationships, his sense of self, and his daily life. Through moments of vulnerability and resilience, the book sheds light on the courage it takes to confront and heal from the scars within.

With empathy and understanding, Deafening Silence serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by veterans, shedding light on the far-reaching effects of PTSD and mental illness. This gripping tale compels readers to confront the invisible struggles many endure, fostering compassion and a greater appreciation for the indomitable human spirit.

  • Format: novel

  • Genre: contemporary fiction/trauma fiction

  • Pages: tbc

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