The Spider & the Fly

Welcome to My Parlour said the Spider to the Fly...

Late one evening, whilst driving on a dark and quiet road, gruff father Blowfly and his beautiful young daughter Fly, appear to run down a creature, a Roach, which suddenly comes into view in the middle of the road. Whilst the dominating Blowfly checks for damage, or a body, he is strangely lured into a building, The Place, across the road by the very creature whom he appeared to run down.

Suddenly alone in the car in the dark, young Fly wonders what to do. As she watches The Place for signs of her father, unusual creatures come and go. Fly resolves that the only thing she can do is to go inside and look for her father. It must be safe; after all, he appeared to enter the building willingly.

Fly approaches The Place. A wave of music washes over her as Roach opens the door to admit her. Inside, music pumps and strange creatures get high on cocktails of alcohol and designer drugs. Fly has never seen such a rave; her father would never have allowed it. The beautiful new girl on the block, the Fly is an instant target for the predatory creatures who party here. Free of her father’s authority, Fly allows herself to enjoy this strange world and everyone wants her attention, the rotund Worm, the wanna-be cool Earwig, the lustful Mosquito, but none more so than the supplier of the drugs, the giver of the party, the owner of The Place—Lord Spider.

Spider flatters the young Fly, and while she knows that she should not be foolish enough to be swept up by such idle flattery, she is young and impressionable — this world is beautiful and free. She tries to resist the temptations that surround her, but finally she cannot. And she cannot resist the beguiling Spider.

The mysterious and dangerous Spider has won himself a new plaything. And as he prepares for his game with her, Blowfly, cocooned, silenced and hanging high up in a corner of the Spider’s den can only watch in horror as his precious daughter willingly gives herself to the Spider.

  • Format: short film

  • Genre: experimental/surreal

  • Running time: 15 minutes

  • Produced by: Savant Films

a dvd cover of the spider spider spider
a dvd cover of the spider spider spider
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A captivating and unsettling exploration of predator-prey dynamics where the lines between seduction and entrapment blur in a haunting dance of human insects. Bizarre but brilliant.

- Alexander S. King